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Things You Need To Know About Emeralds


Emerald – the gemstone that holds a startling green fascination actually has a very rich history. Whether you go back to the era of Aristotle, the ancient Rome, Cleopatra, or the Iconic Grace Kelly – emerald out of all gems is considered to be an important emblem of many different cultures. And why not? You only have to pay one glance to fall in love with this remarkable stone. Emeralds exude royalty, romance, intrigue, and serve the owner with an air of elite upbringing. With an emerald, you demand to be noticed – not to be commanded! Our newest addition to our jewelry collection is the Princess Cut Square Columbian Emerald Ring and this is just what you need to try out now!

Origin, Cut, & Location




The term “Emerald” comes from the Latin word “Smaragdus” implying “green.” Emerald ranges from a bluish-green to a greenish-blue hue and is classed on the basis of the Famous Four C’s - Cut, Clarity, Carat, and Color.


  • The clarity of the emerald is judged by naked eye, not with a jeweler’s loupe as in the case of diamonds.
  • A skilled emerald cutter will be aware how to wheedle a nicely cut emerald out of a rough one and it will be in your best interests to buy emeralds that have hardly noticeable inclusions.
  • One carat is 0.20g approx. and the bigger an emerald is, the higher will be the carat price. This is because large emeralds with impressive clarity and color are much infrequent than small emeralds consisting of the same quality.


Emeralds might have different color tones but the main shade is definitely green and when you’re looking for good quality emeralds, don’t go for the tone but only the vibrancy of the shade.


Things You Need To Know About Emeralds-3


Most emeralds have internal or small fissures present in them and such emeralds are valued more if the fractures inside their body make an attractive pattern under a microscope, otherwise completely flawless emeralds are extremely rare.

However, emeralds are oil-treated to fill in their fissures to meet industry standards but with high precautions and keeping the color and exterior of the emerald as original as possible. Emeralds that are treated with synthetic fillers and colored oils aren’t accepted and the sellers should disclose these properties before selling them. Emeralds are found in Afghanistan, Zambia, and other countries including Columbia which is renowned for exporting high-quality richly colored emeralds and have the finest emerald cutters!


Powers of an Emerald




Okay, let’s come down to the interesting part! Emerald has been worshiped and praised for its beauty since the 1500 BC. It is known for its correction against many illnesses including cholera and malaria. It is said that an emerald provides comfort, soothes your senses, brings your eyes serenity and restores their weariness. We completely believe in these facts since the color green is certainly known for easing stress and eye strain.




By now, you must be acquainted with the fact that the world’s love affair with emeralds has been of late and it is also used as a good luck talisman. It is supposed to heal matters of the skin, heart, and blood, plus helps pregnant women in stages of birth. The emerald carries wisdom, assists you with sleep deprivation, looseness of the bowels, breathing problems and most importantly, gives a feeling of fresh hope – mainly because the color “green” is linked with new spring growth. If you want to make some people green with envy, check out our Into the Wonderland Colombian Emerald Ring and One Step Ring.


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