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Tips on Color Blocking Your Jewelry


Color Blocking trends are always a hit with Spring Season and quite predictably so, due to their bright, lively aura. If you are a regular follower of magazines or fashion websites, you might have come across the term “Color Blocking,” which basically is a take on mixing colors or simply blocking them, for instance, by pairing contrasting colors like red jeans with a blue top or vice versa. Nonetheless, color-blocking is not solely for the clothes, you can color-block your jewelry too, all with showing a little interest to the color wheel.


Interpreting the Color Wheel




If you take a look at the red on the color wheel, green is opposite to it and this way, you can choose colors that are parallel to each other to get the correct theme for color blocking. Or you can find complementary colors by picking one and those that are on each side of it – which is referred to as the analogous method.


Starting Simple



The road to jewelry color-blocking begins by choosing two contrasting colors that can almost make your jewelry “pop.” Or for a more subtle approach, select complementary shades like pink, blue, or purple to remain in the subdued fashion. It all depends on your mood, personality, and personal choice. Also, always make certain that your jewelry combination flatters your skin tone. Our Feather Fling Ring is a great example of color-blocking and is wonderful for beginners.


Reach For Modest Designs



When you are trying to color block, never go for too many prints, patterns or a tremendous amount of work going on in your selections. Try to opt for neat and clean cuts with bold colors – because a bright color on its own is enough of an attention grabber, rather than an inclusion of needless bells and whistles.


Matching With Black and Neutrals




You can opt for the “statement” black and white matching. What about donning a black LBD and coupling it with white gold or merely white jewelry? Trust us, that’ll be a class of its own! You can even dress in a white maxi which automatically shouts for black triangle earrings or a whacking black gem ring. Our Gun-plated Geometric Dangle Earrings would look beatific with the correct styling. Still, if you feel black and white is extremely common, simply opt for the color wheel to create new ideas and we’re sure you’ll crop up with something unique. Though, Rubies are a beautiful option to begin color-blocking, especially with white.


Go For Balance



When you are color blocking and are inexperienced, your tastes can really leave a bad impression on the audience – even if you don’t give two pence about other’s opinion. But opinions do matter when it comes to following trends. Instead of choosing varying colors, choose colors that are in the same field. For example, if you pick a pastel outfit, your jewelry should be in the same hues but with a different depth of color. Usually, mixing pastels with bold colors really add pizazz to your entire look. Our Coffee Gold Rhinestone Cuff is a brilliant example of keeping parity.


Reflect Upon the Sizes



If you are a petite woman and wear vibrant jewelry pieces that are half the size of your palm, believe us that your frame would look even smaller, plus rather haggard. You should choose jewelry that fits, rather than flips! Size really matters on how you decide to follow a trend. Chunkier pieces meant for color-blocking will mostly look good on people with a solid height and frame, but on a small frame – it is a big No! Moral of the end: Select jewelry that looks good on you, fits you and doesn’t discourage you from feeling comfortable.


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