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Tips to Embrace Lace With Accessories


Every Kylie, Miley, and Allie would be getting major use out of lace dresses all year long but the question is are they wearing it right? Lace dresses can be worn by anyone but the focus is to stand out from the crowd. We have the ultimate tips to guide you to embrace the lace with accessories and we exactly know how to do it like the phrase “My Lace But Better!”


Choose Your Options




Lace can be worn in various styles as a crop top, slip dress, a maxi, or simply as a knee-length ensemble and fortunately, it never stays out of trend. Lace is one of the most versatile fabric options that take you from day to night, work to home, and from beachwear to serving as a cocktail attire because no matter what - it always looks sexy and regal, plus super breezy for those who wish to block the heatwave.


Simple & Sensible




No need to throw on a lace dress with a load of chunky jewelry because “too much” points to complete failure in our eyes. Lace is a true embodiment of casual, feminine and chic, please don’t be brutal with it. So cut down the fussy accessories and adopt minimalism with sleek accessories. However, with simplicity, let your heels do most of the talking and we can’t suggest stilettos or blocked-heeled boots enough! Also, some dainty earrings and rings are enough to get you on track. Our Red Carpet Glimmer Star Earrings and Solitaire Pearl Ring will prove to be a safe choice for you.


Go Slow-Mo




Who says you need to dig into lace dresses full throttle especially when it is your first time? Well, definitely not us, if you are shy showing skin, opt for lace accessories, filigree trims or crocheted kimono which can look just as pretty as a full lace outfit does but without the skin peeping through!

Lace chokers, handbags, gloves, hair accessories, sandals, and lace hats are certain things you need to explore if you wish to incorporate lace in your wardrobe somehow. Even light cotton dresses with lace sleeves and hems look fabulous! Also, if you find the task of wearing lace dresses daunting, you can always put on chemise underneath!


Look For Clues




Yes, be creative, prod your imagination, and think different because simplicity doesn’t mean being basic! It isn’t necessary to follow in the footsteps of those who are wearing lace these days. You can be versatile and create your own fashion statement. How about pairing your lace dress with a belt for that slick cinched effect? Or let’s say a blazer over your lace outfit?

There are numerous ways to don lace dresses, either go for contrast with black pencil skirts or blue denim jeans or suit your taste by coupling all-over neutral shades with your lace gear. Pearl jewelry looks beautiful and innocent with lace, try donning some modern pieces, even our Angel's Teardrop Ring can be a riveting find for you.


Don’t be Same-y




No matter whether your style is demure or bold, you can really be diverse with lace garbs. It doesn’t essentially have to be constant black and white, you can go for bright shades to pull off a lovely daytime look, think yellow, red, or a hot pink. As for pastels, we personally vouch for lemon, pallid pink, peach, lavender, fawn, baby blue and cream for a classic look. And when it comes to moody tones, you cannot beat royal blue, maroon and emerald green.




Chiefly choose your handbags or shoes in contrast to your lace outfit to give something new to the onlookers each time - be unpredictable. There’s everything for everybody, look for something that shouts YOU!


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