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Top Tips for Planning Your Destination Wedding

Top Tips for Planning Your Destination Wedding

Destination Weddings are simply the best since you not only get to celebrate it with your loved ones and close relations but earn the thrill of spending it on your dreamland.  Destination weddings wipe out the formalities or to put into better words “erase the professionalism of a marriage, instead everyone’s mood is deviated towards tying the knot with relaxation and bundles of fun. Regardless of the excitement of a destination wedding, it comes with its own set of worries and involves a lot of questions pertaining to the venue, guests, budget, invitation, and the journey to your coveted place itself. How to get it all together and have a ceremony that’ll put a lasting impression on everybody? Take our advice and follow the tips below.  


Streamlining Your Budget




Getting to know your budget before you get, set, and go to your destination will help you to determine which places you can afford and what kind of wedding you can have and for how much time you’re going to stay there. Without a budget, you’d be attracted to buying things or making plans that are out of limits. A budget would assist you to stick to your priorities and avoid overspending from the start – this is highly important, especially if you are going to pay for the expenses of your guests.


Your Destination Planning




Planning where you are going to celebrate your wedding 9-15 months in advance permits you to grab the best traveling rates and helps to keep you on track. Moreover, planning in advance would assist you to make better choices and you wouldn’t be yanking your hair out till the last minute since everything will be already prepared. Decide what type of theme you want – if it’s a beach wedding, you would want a bohemian, casual style whereas a wedding in a villa would set the mood for something vintage and stately. Do make certain of what type of wedding background you want, discuss it with your partner and finalize your decision accordingly.


Pay a Visit Beforehand




The last thing you’d want is an outdoor wedding that claps thunder and lightning as soon as you step down the altar. It is in favor of you to visit the wedding destination beforehand to check on the weather predictions, to get the feel of the atmosphere and find the perfect timing and day to start the wedding process. A destination should never be booked by just seeing what it looks like in pictures, rather visit that place to see if it’s really what you want? You’ll need to evaluate where the wedding will take place, if it meets your demand, speak with the event organizers and get to know what kind of packages they offer – does a cake maker, florist, and photographer part of their agreement and which things will be left for your own handling?


Memorizing the Important Extras




A destination wedding is nearly like planning a wedding and a holiday at the same time and among the bustle of getting everything in order, we often forget the small yet hugely significant details. For example, your wedding dress – you cannot end up walking down the aisle in a huge ball gown on a hot beach day. You’ll need to match your wedding dress to the situation requirements of your destination – like something airy on a beach or something really satiny, silk for a grand hall. Location matters a lot or else you’ll head for disaster. Your dress might need refitting/trimming and you may need to pay extra to ship it to the venue.

You might want to personalize your venue with your own decorations and will have to think about travel essentials like comfortable shoes, clothes, and any necessary items that are needed when you are going to get married and vacay for a whole week. Bear in mind to keep your passport papers updated and buy your travel insurance in advance. Also, every country varies in legal requirements for a marriage license and some even demand an ID, passport and a marriage application. So, whether you’re being legally married in a different country or just preparing a simple ceremony, check out the country’s rules first.

Hiring a Wedding Planner

Earnestly, a destination wedding can be somewhat vexing, particularly if you want it to be exactly like you’ve imagined and it gets very hectic to keep all the little details in mind. A wedding planner would be able to bracket down your stress and meet all the tiny details “which you cannot,” to ensure your wedding goes perfectly. It’s their job to consent to your wishes and carry out the tasks simultaneously.

Alerting the Guests on Time

To make your wedding goals come true, you’d definitely want the guests to oblige likewise. That’s why keep your guests in the know of when your wedding will take place, tell them what will be expected of them, outline the travel destination, the venue, the timing, directions and contact information of the venue, so they don’t get perplexed in any matter. Alerting them beforehand would also highlight the ones who cannot go “so you can pay for them if you have the budget,” the bridesmaids can prepare consequently and you’ll know how many guests you’ll be receiving after all.  Stay in touch with your guests and the people employed in your wedding tasks to make sure nothing is amiss during the final touches.

Give Yourself a Breather

What’s a bride without a glow? You need to keep yourself in mind as well! Don’t get worked up with too much anxiety, we know a wedding can really urge you to live life by the clock but sometimes it’s better to give yourself some time to pamper – brides deserve it!