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Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gift Guide for Her

Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gift Guide for Her

Sure, your puppy-dog eyes, an armful of red roses and chocolates, along with a spicy scent are always welcome on Valentine’s Day but nothing beats a personalized gift specifically chosen to woo her off her feet. Valentine’s Day gifts aren’t just about going to a shop, whipping out your credit card and purchasing an item the second it catches your fancy.




It is not about “You!” It is about your “special someone” and what they actually like. Buy something for your other one that she wouldn’t necessarily buy herself. Embark on the thin line of romance this Valentine’s Day and strengthen the love chords if that’s what you really plan to do. Shopping for women can be stressful “we get that” but Valentine’s Day instead raises the stakes even further and we will help you to avoid mistakes where you can commonly go wrong.


Familiarize Yourself with her Taste 




Shopping for her, apart from being a daunting task can be quite fun too since you get to connect with the other person more intimately and seemingly begin to take interest in their likes and dislikes. In order to find out what she likes, try to focus on what kind of jewelry she purchases and what are the types of jewelry categories she mostly leans towards.




Does she like earrings more than bracelets or necklaces more than rings? What kind of styles she prefers and what are her favorite metals – is it rose-gold, silver, gold or platinum? Is she a heavy or a delicate jewelry lover? Answers to these questions will definitely come from spending a day with her and noticing what she already wears or taking help from her pals by swearing them to secrecy, of course! Give her something that adds mystique and meaning to Valentine’s Day for which our Invisible Crown Moonstone Ring is highly capable of! Let the pretty moonstone do the talking and leave the wearer with an enchanting smile gracing her lips.


Look Out For the Trends




If your girl is a strict follower of fashion, she must be thrilled to get a jewelry piece that is “talk of the town” at the moment. This brings us to the subject of statement jewelry which is being largely worn nowadays and will prove to be a failsafe pick. We cannot recommend the Weavers of Destiny Spider Earrings enough. The dangling chains along with the beautifully, crystal-encrusted spiders provides it a minimalist, statement vibe and we guarantee it would look enormously cool on your lucky lady!


Something Long-Lasting – Do Your Research




You simply cannot hand her a bunch of cheapies called inferior-quality jewelry that will clearly give away your poor research. She doesn’t earn her Valentine Day to be ruined the least by YOU! So, do the legwork, take your time and analyze each jewelry item you plan to purchase for her. It doesn’t have to be something crazy-expensive or you don’t essentially have to be stuck at only one gift shop.




Scroll through online jewelry shops and independent jewelry stores which sometimes can have the best discount deals, plus an array of gorgeous jewelry of all settings, sizes, and colors. Make a smart choice, something that she can wear anywhere and treasure for a lifetime. We personally suggest our Love Buzz Sterling Silver Necklace to make your girl feel special and well-aware of her importance to you – just like the heart in the center of this necklace.