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Valentine's Day - Date Dress Guide

Valentine's Day - Date Dress Guide

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful excuse to garb on a chic outfit, put on makeup that is the perfect epitome of slaying and strut out in your heels with arms around your Love. Many would say that keeping away from the smoldering options would do the trick but No, it’s the only holiday you get to confess your thoughts and you can get as wild as you want with flirty dress styles or dresses that have you seeing stars – it’s your choice, babe!

We have compiled a list of things you can wear to your Valentine’s Day Date, numerous of them mirroring the latest fashion trends of 2018. All of these failsafe choices will have you remain in the secure territory. Also, planning ahead is much better than going punchy with your wardrobe at the last minute.


Choosing Colors




You simply cannot opt for any color thinking it’s the name of the game. Nope, Girl! You can always experiment with more than one rock-solid color and on Valentine Day, you should definitely be more unique and go vibrant with a combination of zestful hues in your outfit. Or go for pastel hues namely lavender, dusky pink, or simply rose tones.


Hanging Out With Friends



If your date would consist of just hanging out with your friends, choose more casual styles to appear top-notch and camera-ready in a prim way. Finalize the look with easy-on-the-eye makeup and cutesy jewelry to look like your charming self. For jewelry options, our From My Heart 3-way Earrings would set you off impeccably, moreover who knows you might stumble upon a spunky someone? Good to stay ready!


Velvet “The Most Hyped”




If you wish to appear “lusciously sophisticate,” velvet will be your best bet. It hugs your curves in a striking way and to be honest, leaves no room for unnecessary additions. Keep your velvet attire simple but focus more on its cuts, you’d certainly want something with plunging necklines, off-the-shoulder scallop edges, bustier bodice or sweetheart necklines. Your man would drink in your romantic sight particularly if you make the last touches with our Love Buzz Sterling Silver Necklace.


A Day Time Date




If both of you have settled on the idea to remain casual on Valentine’s Day and spend it when the sun’s out and about – you still have a choice to knock him dead! A sweater dress or a midi dress with a pair of ankle boots would do fantastically. Keep your skin dewy with a bronzed-up glow and long-lasting, glossy lip look. No need to pull up a cake-face – be natural and healthy. Top the look with our pair of Victorian Lace White Topaz Ring and Glitter Raindrop Ring.


Going Sexy




If this Valentine’s Day, you’ve only got “hypnotism” in your mind, you’d surely fancy picking up Flirty V-necks, Backless Gear, Spaghetti Straps, LBD’s or slit dresses to get your body do all the talking. Such apparels never go out of style and are considered the “ins” of Valentine’s Day. Whichever one you choose from these choices, just make certain your hair is polished to a sheen and caught at the nape in a classy chignon. Finalize the look with statement heels and our Into the Wonderland Colombian Emerald Ring for an off-the-charts guise.


Sticking To the Ever Famous “Red”




If after all the tips and recommendations, your head’s still bent on Red – go for it. Red is the most popular choice and without it, Valentine’s Day sounds quite hollow to the ears, right? Well, to look above the rest, embrace your inner sensuality by donning a red lace dress. It doesn’t only look scintillating but gives a sharp attention to the wearer. Makeup should be kept down a notch with nude tones but don’t forget to add the finishing touches with a statement red lipstick.  Once you’re done, pull on our Dreamy Sunflower Red Garnet Ring and you’ll be a walking vision!