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Valentine's Day Date Guide: What jewelry to wear for what neckline

As you splay your hand across your beautifully designed dress, your mind suddenly snaps out of reverie and hits reality that you haven’t picked any jewelry to go along with your outfit. The brain experiences a mini tumult until the clock ticks nine “as a reminder to hurry.” Well, in such cases, pre-planning does help a lot and a certain knowledge of jewelry styling won’t go to waste. So, if any special day or Valentine’s Day is rounded off in your calendar, be certain to gain help from our styling tips.

When you enter a complete makeover phase, selecting and donning any random jewelry piece is out of question. You need to make decisions, mix and match and then come upon a final verdict. Believe me, it isn’t easy since you have to keep the form of your dress in mind.

Playing With Necklines

Every dress variates in structure especially necklines. You simply cannot wear that same long old necklace with whatever you have on. It produces a dismal look and is the cause of a “big disappointed sigh.” If you are planning to wear a dress with a rounded neckline, pick a necklace which is either shorter or longer than your neckline as it will spare you the embarrassment of seizing your necklace out of your shirt, now and then! 

The Halter Neckline

Halter tops are sexy on their own, an added jewel on the surface in our opinion might appear too cluttered. But if you are really adamant on wearing a necklace with it, pick a dangling necklace, so that it doesn’t seem “like you’re trying too hard.” But it’s better if you keep the neck bare and put on some dangling earrings like our Aphrodite Open Cut-Out Balls Dangle Earrings and a cuff like our Cleopatra Geometric Gold-plated Bracelet Cuff to finish off the look.


Go For the Ol’Champ

To achieve that perfectionist vibe, a statement jewelry item will add spark to a simple, plain top. This look is done too many times but earnestly, never goes out of fashion due to its captivating effect. That important piece can be our Aphrodite Leaf-shaped Necklace as it beckons to be ogled!

Bold Necklines

If you decide to outfit yourself in a strapless dress, be certain to leave your feline shoulders bare for that delicate touch and hook on a small necklace or even better, “a choker.” OurCleopatra 24K Gold/Platinum-plated Knot Choker is just impeccable for the look we are forcing you to envision. Other than that, keep everything minimal to keep the bodice in focus.

Knot Choker Profile.jpg

For those with deep necklines, don’t make the mistake of choosing a necklace that sits right into your bosom or you may need to stare someone down to the ground (insert laughing emojis here). Ditching a necklace will prove appropriate for this type of neckline or if you have plans for something else, make sure it lies on your décolletage. Other jewelry should be kept to the nominal, as too large pieces might overwhelm the look of the dress and can seem too “showy.” The best product to add an edge to your deep V-neck is obviously our Eve Geometric Gold-plated Butterfly Stud Earrings because it is small and at the same time, enormously eye-catching, great to pair with a large neckline.




For Off-shoulder necklines, go for the “less is more” tactic and leave the neckline unadorned. A simple ring and studs is the only jewelry to wear and will look gorgeous on you. For motivation, check our Aphrodite Platinum-plated Star Stud Earrings, you’ll fall head over heels in love!


The Case of Boat and Sweetheart Necklines

We personally have this huge love for boat and sweetheart necklines/scoop-neck because they both delineate your body remarkably well and have a certain sophistication to it. Boat necklines are supposed to widen your shoulders, but you must opt for a long necklace to elongate your semblance for a balanced approach. Whereas scoop-necks are brilliant for accomplishing the hints of an hourglass figure and combined with studs and a ring, you’ll be all set, just don’t go to extremes with the size!

Our Message

We hope our post was able to answer all your queries and updated you with the latest in fashion. We’ll come by with a new post soon. Adios. everyone!


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