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Ways to Style Metallic Jewelry

Ways to Style Metallic Jewelry

Metallic Jewelry is tremendously in vogue these days and people are looking for finer and newer ways to accessorize it. Though, metallic jewelry is mostly worn in fall, since, it lights up the dark, dreary days of incoming winter, but still seasons don’t affect the popularity of this trend. We’ve spotted many celebrities swathed in metallic jewelry from top to toes and we have compiled some brilliant tips to don metallic jewelry like a boss!


Mix Metallic Jewelry Collectively

There was a time when mixing gold jewelry with silver was considered unconventional. However, today people’s view on that notion has gone hugely lax and nobody points a finger at anyone, no matter what they plan to wear.  Metallic jewelry has a simplistic design language and if you are buying some from our store, bear in mind that it will never turn out to be gauche or cheap-looking, which is usually the case when buying metallic pieces from low-budget stores.The beauty of metallic jewelry lies in its expensive-looking appeal and you should be extra-wary when picking such pieces. So, once you are on the buying agenda, it will be good to purchase one piece each in gold and silver, just like our splendid Cleopatra Flat Bar Screw Love Bracelet is available in both gold and silver, making it easier for you to choose according to your skin undertone. To add versatility to your appearance, wear our bracelets both in gold and silver at the same time on whichever wrist you prefer!

Focus Around One Piece

This tip is very important for those who are engaged or happily married. Sometimes, women who wear engagement or their wedding ring’s feel that they become restrained when it comes to pulling on additional jewelry items alongside their ring. Well, we would like to say that this opinion is only in your head. It never hurts to experiment with other jewelry, regardless of what your rock looks like! To make you feel less insecure about adorning yourself with jewelry, alongside your ring, it will be good to focus on the ring and choose other pieces that complement it. Keep your ring center-stage but with some sophistication. For example, if your ring is silver-colored, go for our Cleopatra Salor's Knot Hinge Bangle preferably in silver and rose-gold both. Put the two bangles on the arm where your ring is and you’ll see how rose gold will flatter your other silver ornaments ravishingly.

The Statement Approach

Things become boring when you do not opt for one single look that succeeds everywhere, be it your workplace or a party. You must be aware that metallic pieces, especially in gold look alluring on simple white top and skinny blue jeans. Well, it’s an opportunity for you to stay in your comfort zone and try our Cleopatra 24K Gold/Platinum-plated Knot Choker and Cleopatra Triple Layers Gold Ring. White and gold is a one gorgeous combination that can never go out of fashion. If a day arrives, when you’ve spent hours pondering over what to wear, you’ll know now what to do!

The Bold Steps

There is no doubt that metallic jewelry looks fantastic on all colors, be them bright, nude or pastel. But according to us, the hidden aura lies in wearing metallic pieces with dark outfits, for example, burgundies, royal blues, maroon, reds and so much more. Our personal favorite look is the pairing of our Cleopatra Golden Earring Jackets with a navy blue dress. Just simply phenomenal!

Final Words

Yes, Mixing’n’Matching is the only trick, if you wish to outfit metallic jewelry like a perfectionist. Sometimes, the tactic of coupling a smaller piece with a larger metallic piece works too. Do try out our tips and we’ll stop by soon with much more exciting content.