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What Does The Symbols On Your Jewelry Mean?

Jewelry is the prettiest way to glam yourself up. There is something about a jewelry piece that entirely transforms your look and polishes your image. But have you contemplated what does your jewelry signify and how profoundly the meaning can put you under a spell?  Before presenting somebody jewelry as a gift, be aware of what it conveys. Today, we are going to help you understand the hidden meanings of jewelry symbols. Also, choosing jewelry with symbols is a brilliant way to communicate your feelings with someone closest to your heart and to let them know how much you cherish them.

Infinity Symbol

This is the most popular of them all and secretly, we fancy it the most. Infinity symbol signifies a never-ending loop, which is entwined together from the ends, almost taking the shape of figure “8.” It expresses forever, eternity or limitless and came into being via John Wallis – An English Mathematician who wanted to put forth the meaning of infinity, a quantity that’s bigger than any number. When you gift someone an infinity symbol, it means you love them to eternity and your love knows no bounds. This sign spreads positivity and an everlasting friendship. To put a mark on your love for a lifetime. Train your peepers on our Aphrodite Infinity Love Ring and Infinity Bracelet to solidify your relationship.

Evil Eye Symbol

Rather than get shriveled and dead from a person’s evil gaze, you would much prefer to do something about it, right? Well, the Evil Eye is basically produced for that purpose – since it vies to protect you from the unseen, hidden evil eyes or ones that are purposeful. The evil eye symbolism mainly comes from the Jewish and Hindu culture where it is known that a receiver of a wicked eye might undergo bad luck, misfortune or injury in life. So, try out our Evil Eye Earrings to ward off the ill-wishers now.


The Love Knot

The love knot is similar to the infinity symbol in many ways and denotes the significance of a lifelong love. It indicates a love that is bound without any end, is flexible and can never be separated. Such a piece of jewelry can be shared among everyone especially mother & daughter, or any family member. Our Cleopatra Salor's Knot Hinge Bangle is a true connotation of ceaseless love and will look prepossessing in nearly all events.

The Snake Symbol

Have you ever been intimated by the snake symbolism encrusted on jewelry? Well, no need to get the heebie-jeebies from a faux snake because it might prove to be fruitful in the future. As a snake is prominent for shedding its skin and acquiring a new one – it reflects the importance of rebirth. The Ancient Celts utilized snake as a means of secret knowledge and this symbol is well-known for embodying fertility.

If you feel like adding a breath of freshness into your life, do pass a glance over our Eve Rhinestone Snake Collar Necklace. The body of the snake has been beautifully crafted and bedecked with shimmering gems and does an apt justice to the notion of regeneration.

The Heart Symbol

Even a child is tremendously learned in the field of the heart emblem – it’s so darn common. You might chance upon heart rings, bracelets and other identical items in virtually all jewelry shops. We challenge you to correct us if we happen to be wrong because’ we’re not!

The heart is a symbol of love, compassion, unity and affection. In the Christian Religion, the heart was used to epitomize Jesus Christ and his love, though a number of fervent Christians promoted the heart sign into art and literature. When Valentine’s Day was invented in 1600 by England, the heart icon was anticipated as the most apparent choice to reflect the new holiday. Our Love Buzz Sterling Silver Jewelry Set expresses love in a completely novel manner with all its bejeweled goodness. Have a look and you may fall head over heels in love.

Final Words 

Symbols are a way of interacting with people without the usage of words or expressions. It feels like carrying a keepsake with you, which demonstrates your individuality. Do give our recommended pieces a go. Happy shopping!


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