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What Kind of Jewelry to Wear to an Interview

If you’ve got yourself booked into an interview, congratulations! Now, you will definitely have to worry about looking presentable and intelligent for your interview. When it comes to the question of wearing jewelry, the entire purpose is to enhance your looks for the whole interview, not to swagger about anything or to generally make a statement, so your choices should be very wise. Today, we will guide you on what type of jewelry to wear for your interview.

Keep It Simple

For men, we would highly advise you not to wear any ridiculous chains or other extremely rude looking accessories. Your wedding ring and a watch are just the items that will suffice when you are off to the interview.


However, in the case of women, you can certainly opt for a pearl necklace. We understand that the reference of pearls, almost makes you yawn in boredom but the old-fashioned style of pearls are just what you need to don in an interview to appear professional and understanding. However, if necklaces aren’t your desired thing, go for our Aphrodite Faux Pearl Double-sided Earrings. They are smallish and superbly appropriate for wearing to an interview! Though, a slim watch paired with these earrings can create a fabulous look, try this look out for yourself!

Be Miss Brainy

A jewelry is worn according to the atmosphere, locality and the norms of the workplace. Whether it’s an interview for a small job, or for an important posting, your choices should depict that you are part of the team and you shouldn’t stand out of the crowd. After all, a job interview could prove to be a big ladder towards success in future, and you simply cannot afford to ruin it with your odd picks.

wedding+band+2.jpgWhenever we discuss office jewelry, the picture of small objects materialize in front of our vision and it isn’t wrong to say that your jewelry for work should be small, almost possessing a restraining effect. Our 18K Gold-plated Four Crystals Band fits flawlessly with the former sentence, it is beautiful and something about it speaks sophistication, just what you need for work.

Avoid Being Grungy and Daring

Wearing flashy jewelry and trying to prove proficiency beyond the range of limitation will certainly get you kicked out of the door. Don’t, for God’s sake, opt for pieces like large gold hoops, long necklaces, dangling earrings or rings with whopping gems to your interview or you might not set a good image there. An interview could involve a lot of talking and you cannot rely on wearing large pieces as the jangling noise emitting from them while you move, may distract the interviewer and you as well. Keep every item unpretentious and neat, glittery choices aren’t for a workplace.

Final Words

We hope we inspired you with this article. Just follow the tips and hopefully, your interview will go smoothly. “Trust your abilities, keep a good demeanor, your walk straight and chin up!”


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