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What To Wear To A Summer Picnic?


Just the mention of “Summer Picnic” makes you go all giddy, right? Whether you’re thinking of a heart to heart conversation with your partner in the fields or just hoping for a wonderful get-together with your buds, a summer picnic ensemble should be light, breezy and fun to wear. From little dresses to seasonal faves - you’re going to see everything here along with tips to nail your accessory game to really put the finishing touches to your picnic gear.


Neutrals With A Pop




We always talk about nude shades when it comes to breezy, easy-going events. However, what if we wear neutrals with a hint of bright to add some pop of color? Choose shift dresses, flare dresses or wrap dresses in light hues and pair them with some bright-colored slides. You won’t only feel fuss-free with your outfit but will feel the confidence of being on top of the world as well. Comfort makes you feel independent and in control of yourself, so it should be your first priority wherever you go. Also, to tie together your entire look, jewelry is necessary particularly our Moon and Star Forever Love Bracelet.


Polka Dots & Stripes All The Way




Whether your maxi has polka dots or stripes over it or your button down shirt - it always shouts “picnic” and yeah don’t forget the notable straw hat to make you look effortlessly ready. A striped blouse with a white pencil skirt or denim can look absolutely perfect too. Whatever you select should be a display of polka dots or stripes and to finalize your getup - our Lariat Leaf White Topaz Necklace will do it for you. Yeah, we get it - you can thank us later!


Sheer and Sheen




No, there’s no punishment for looking sexy AF “Oops, sorry we had to put it like that but we’re sure you’ll understand better this way.” To do exactly as we bid, opt for sheer spaghetti dresses, silky shirt dresses, or even sleeveless jumpsuits in the most gorgeous hues like baby pink, blue, or lavender. If you’re still in doubt, lace dresses can be the best decision you’ve ever made. Also, the inclusion of mule shoes and lace-ups will never fail to complete the look. Oh, how can we forget the mention of our Ripple Scintilla Ring for last-minute additions?


Pleats, Plaids, Ruffles & Florals  




The heading says it all, doesn’t it? Well, to make our label even more interesting. Pick out long casual gowns with pleats, plaid sundresses or pair plaid shirts with jeans. Ruffles and pleats can easily be found in skirts and long dresses which do not only look ravishing but tastefully set you up for a picnic. With such choices, wedges and single strap sandals will do you justice, along with our Radiant Front-and-Back Earrings obviously.


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