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What You Need To Know About Moonstone


Moonstone is connected with passion, it doesn’t only bring balance and luck in your life but possesses powerful qualities to patch-up lovers when they go through a tough time, rendering this gem a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day too, like our Invisible Crown Moonstone Ring. Depicting a milky white image and streaked with tints of silver and blue which come to life when this stone refracts light. Moonstone is a gorgeous gem and is thought to be related with the moon itself. 




Energy is the sole meaning of Moonstone which extends into million other explanations. It has been known to provide a feeling of renewal, to let bygones be bygones and free your mind from negative vitality. With a Moonstone – you can hope to embrace tranquility and let the sensuality of the stone consume your mind for a better you!


The History of Moonstone




Moonstone has been related to the times of the Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses referred to as the Moonstone Lore. Many traditions, love spells, sacred practices and clairvoyance are linked with this gem and it has been held in fascination ever since. People incorporate Moonstone in talisman, jewelry and most of them preserve this object as a sacred item. Moonstone is derived from Brazil, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Tanzania, Germany, United States, Australia and Sri Lanka where the rarest form of Moonstone is found. 


The Cuts and Shapes of Moonstone




Moonstones resemble pearls and opals due to their translucent appearance and bear a slight shimmery exterior which is called adularescence. These stones are available in a spectrum of shades namely peach, yellow, pink, blue, green, white and gray while most of them are completely clear like crystals or colorless. Rainbow Moonstone, is the most common type of this gem and harnesses an iridescent white or gray look with a hint of blue sheen. Most Moonstones are cut into a smooth cabochon shape to enrich its lustrous exterior but it also comes in spheres, tumbled stones or oval cuts.


The Usage and Healing Properties of Moonstone




Moonstones include both medicinal and metaphysical properties, plus are supposed to play a major role for females and mothers alike. It is said that Moonstones can be surprisingly convenient when females undergo their moon cycle, aka menstrual cycle – stabilizing your hormonal imbalance, infertility or when women need health protection during pregnancy. It is a stone of new life cycles and attaching yourself to it opens up your spiritual evolving and personal intuition.

Moonstone is also termed as “traveler’s stone” for serving safety during long journeys and generally, people keep this stone nearby, under their pillow or simply wear it as a means of good fortune, security, health, wisdom, peace and for an inner cleansing against evils.


Moonstone Jewelry and Maintenance




Since Moonstone carries a nourishing abundance of positive energy, it’s only fair you treat it right to cherish it for years to come. Wearing and buying Moonstone jewelry is the best form of gaining the luxury this gem bestows you with and for that we’ll highly recommend our Rainbow Heart Luna Ring to get your yin and yang combined harmoniously.




To uphold the gloss of Moonstone, do not expose it to direct sunlight and store it in the precautionary jewelry pouches we provide with our jewelry. If you wish to clean your Moonstone jewelry, choose warm, soapy water to gently erase and subdue any kind of tear and tarnish but exempt from using any harsh chemicals that’ll strip the smooth surface of your Moonstone jewelry.  


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