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Winter Fashion Trends Of 2018


2017 was a whirlwind of crazy, fun and modern fashion trends and now, some of those same styles are being played in a new rhythm in 2018 as well. However, no matter the similarities or differences in fashion ideas, you need to dress up according to your comfort zone. There’s no need to follow all of these trends if you think they aren’t a fit for you but this year has a lot in store to tingle your taste buds. Skim down to read further and satisfy your curiosity!


Living in Lavender




Don’t know whether you fancy purple hues or not but ultra-violet is the “Pantone Color of the Year.” This year’s purple is not the blinding one, rather light, calming lavender tones have taken over the runway, IG Feeds, and forefronts of top-notch magazines. Lavender makes for a wonderful neutral shade that you can easily sport all season. Whether its lingerie or shaggy long coats, girls don’t seem to stop at Lavender anytime soon.


Plaid Prints




Plaids might remind you of picnic parties and kitchen kerchief but 2018 has introduced some pretty astounding plaid prints that look uber-chic if enacted appropriately with plain colors or worn as shrugs. Though, we are emoji-eyed at plaid trousers, singlets, and plaid thigh-high boots at the moment. This year’s dapper plaid arrival might just leave you feeling confident enough to try it.


Boots Earned a Spotlight




Sneakers were huge in 2017 and still are in this New Year but pointed toe boots have certainly earned a spotlight. And we aren’t just talking about simple, leather-esque boots. We are pointing at all kinds of variations, be it embellished, glitter covered, packed with studs, white boots, velour boots, sequined ones or sock boots – the hype is big. This trend doesn’t seem to be dying out till the next festive season so keep your boots as spick and span as possible.


Denim Gets Darker and Better




For many years, girls and celebrities have been seen donning darker denim and 2018 appears to be the year when this trend has been largely recognized. Folks don dark denim because it is a lot edgier than the basic blue, plus makes your curves look lithe. However, there is more glamorized expansion in denim than what we’ve detailed here – denim is also getting festooned, from sequins, to beads, and to patches. If you wish to guise a thin silhouette with a fun appeal, slightly adorned dark denim might just be the faker for you!


Layering Delicate Jewelry with Statement Pieces




2018 has flung in the influx of statement earrings and necklaces but dainty jewelry still remains the runner-up. Statements pieces are being layered with minimal items to tone down their weighty appeal and the smallish trinkets make you fit in without seeming out of place. To help you gauge the standards of layering, we would recommend you our Golden Bluebell Necklace and Faye Dangle Earrings to get started with mixing-and-matching.


Updated Trench Coats




There’s no denying that Trench coats have a special place in our hearts but we can’t help but admit that sometimes they look boring. Well, since the updated versions of Trench coats came out, they’ve stopped being uninteresting. Opt for an updated Trench coat and look for details that make your coat look highlighted and standing out from the crowd. 


Pom Poms




When we discuss Pom Poms, we can almost hear people chanting, the bigger, the more, the better. Yes, pom poms have taken the fashion world by storm, whether it’s your jewelry, your shoes, your stoles, sweaters or hats – pom poms are everywhere. This trend doesn’t seem to be sinking anytime soon, plus has traveled all the way from 2017 to 2018, and is still at full throttle.



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