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You Need These 3 Statement Earrings This Season


Before long, statement earrings were given a pounce back and dainty jewelry came into view. Instafeeds were stuffed with the tiniest jewelry pieces, fingers were laden with delicate rings and ears were swamped with precious, minute studs. – Sparkling pieces were given much more attention. But this season, the tastes have changed and people are wholeheartedly making a statement, whether it means donning a big gem on your finger or a necklace that went long down the collarbone. 3 statement earring styles took the majority of our appeal and we’ll be revealing our choices down below.


Elongated Earrings




These have such a sexy air to them, that when you wear them – you’ll definitely feel and look like a diva. If you want to add elegance to a simple outfit, elongated earrings are the way to go. They immediately add bling but are restrained enough to make you look the epitome of chicness. Our Evil Eye Earrings makes a perfect choice if you are planning to try the elongated fashion. These are sleek, slender and effortlessly charming, plus on the brighter side – the long chain can be removed to wear the studs on its own. See? You get twice the benefit of a single pair.


Pom-Poms, Tassels, Bon-Bons or Whatever


Pom-poms are such a fun fashion and are absolutely impeccable for summers. They instantly brighten up any dull outfit, plus add much more color to your overall appearance as well. Whenever you wear such earrings, pair them with a neutral dress, since, you don’t want to make a clown out of yourself. These are getting much hype and can be clearly seen largely worn for beach, Coachella or other adventurous events. Plain colored pom-poms are way better to get a polished vibe!


Hoop Earrings




Hoops come in many colors and sizes but the large ones are a favorite among many. Our choice of color has always been silver or gold, but now you can actually buy rose-gold or blackened silver hoops which are going to make one “helluva” head turner. Hoop earrings do not only compliment you, they even manage to add a chiseled look to your features and the face looks more defined.  You really can’t go wrong with a pair of hoops and trust us, they look killer. You can try our Cleopatra Star Hoop Earrings or Vintage Semicircle Coffee Gold Earring for that glamorous approach.

Both of these recommendations are certainly not circle shapes, but then who cares for the shape? We just want hoops consisting of any form!


Our Message


We hope you liked our take on these 3 Statement Earrings. Currently, we are obsessed with the three of these and that is why – today we took you in our confidence because sharing is caring. Have faith in our tips and tricks, and you’ll soon be reaching for the stars with your attraction, grace and delightful intellect. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for weekly updates, insider tips, lifestyle topics and lots more interesting subjects.


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