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At Azura, we believe that jewelry holds a special place in our hearts, carrying cherished memories that deserve to be treasured for a lifetime. We understand the sentimental value that each piece holds, and we are committed to helping you keep those memories radiant and eternal. Introducing our exclusive Golden Upgrade Program, a transformative experience that breathes new life into your vermeil jewelry.

Vermeil jewelry, though beautiful and affordable, may bear the signs of time as the delicate gold plating naturally fades. In addition, the inherent delicacy of silver may limit its endurance for everyday wear. With our Golden Upgrade Program, any vermeil piece you bought from us within the last two years can be traded in, regardless of its condition, for a full credit* towards a captivating solid gold piece. Please note that any sales promotions cannot be applied towards the Golden Upgrade Program.

To begin your Golden Upgrade, please fill out the form here with your vermeil purchase details. Our customer service team will contact you within the next 1-2 business days regarding the next steps. In case you don't receive a response, please be sure to check your spam folder. Seize the chance to elevate your vermeil treasure to solid gold splendor, keeping your cherished memories gleaming for a lifetime.

*Full credit is based on the amount you originally paid for your gold vermeil jewelry. This doesn't include any shipping costs, customs taxes, or additional fees. It's the price you paid after applying any discounts.

How do I initiate a request for the Golden Upgrade Program?

To begin your Golden Upgrade, please fill out the form here with your vermeil purchase details. Our customer service team will contact you within the next 1-2 business days regarding the next steps. In case you don't receive a response, please be sure to check your spam folder.

Can I trade in a vermeil piece I bought over 2 years ago, before the launch of the Golden Upgrade Program, for a solid gold piece?

Absolutely! To ensure fairness for all our customers, we've extended the trade-in period for past purchases. You have until December 31, 2023, to trade in your gold vermeil jewelry and acquire exquisite solid gold pieces.

The vermeil piece I purchased is no longer offered in your store. Can I still upgrade it to a solid gold piece?

It's possible! While we retain most molds even after a piece is retired, we can recreate the same design in solid gold if the mold and gemstones are accessible. In cases where the mold and gemstones are unavailable, you can still trade in for full credit. However, you'll need to choose a different design for your new solid gold piece.

My piece holds immense sentimental value for me. Can I transfer all the gemstones from my gold vermeil piece to the solid gold piece?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that. While we understand the emotional attachment to your jewelry, the process of transferring gemstones is intricate and can lead to potential loss, damage, or incompatibility. Tracking numerous orders and gemstones simultaneously requires substantial effort, making it challenging to ensure the same gemstones for your new piece.

Can I trade in a piece with missing accent stones?

Absolutely, you can. Unless the missing stone is a diamond, you will still receive full credit towards your upgrade.

Can I trade in a piece without the main stone?

If you decide to keep the main stone or if you have lost it, you can still trade it in. However, there might be an additional cost for the main stone, depending on the gemstone type used in your ring.

Can I trade in necklaces or earrings and upgrade to a solid gold ring instead?

Yes, you can. Our Golden Upgrade Program allows you to upgrade across different product categories.

Can I trade in multiple vermeil pieces I purchased and combine the total credit to upgrade to one solid gold piece?

While you can trade in multiple vermeil pieces, each one will receive individual credit. Unfortunately, the credits cannot be combined for upgrading to a single solid gold piece.

I purchased your pieces from a retail store, can I send them in for an upgrade?

Unfortunately, this program is only eligible for customers who purchased directly from our website.

 Can I trade in a piece or a ring and upgrade to a new design in your store?

Absolutely. If you're looking for a fresh style, you can still receive 100% credit and use it towards a solid gold piece of your choice.

Can I trade in my vermeil piece but use the credit to order another vermeil piece?

Unfortunately, this program is only exclusive for upgrading to a solid gold piece. You have the choice of 10K or 14K solid gold in various colors; however, trading in for another vermeil piece is not an option within this program.

Is it possible to trade in my vermeil piece and use it to buy a solid gold piece from your Hidden Gem Collection?

Unfortunately, the Hidden Gem Collection is excluded from the Golden Upgrade Program.

Who covers the shipping cost for sending the vermeil piece in for the Golden Upgrade Program?

You are responsible for the shipping cost to send in the piece. However, we will cover the shipping cost to send the upgraded solid piece back to you if it meets our free shipping requirements (please note that express shipping costs and shipping to certain countries are not covered).

How long does the upgrade process usually take?

Once we receive your return of the gold vermeil jewelry, the process commences. Our customer service team will notify you of the piece's check-in and provide the full credit. If you're opting for an in-stock solid gold piece, processing your new order typically takes 3-7 business days. For an upgrade to a made-to-order piece, expect around 3-4 weeks for your solid gold piece to be shipped. It's important to keep in mind that these estimated timeframes do not include the estimated delivery period.

Is the upgraded solid gold piece covered by your 90-day product warranty?

Yes, absolutely. The upgraded gold piece is eligible for our 90-day product warranty, starting from the date of delivery, along with other post-purchase services.


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