Jewelry User Guide


Babies and cats love things that shine, but if you want to keep your jewelry that way keep it out of reach from paws, claws, and little fingers. 


If you wouldn't put it on your skin you shouldn't put it on your jewelry. Avoid chemicals like household cleaners and jewelry cleaner. All you need to get your gems to shine is a damp cloth. 


Jewelry likes to travel in comfort and style just like you. A soft padded case is ideal for your adventures.


A day of pampering is necessary for everyone, but to keep your jewelry looking it’s finest, remove your rings before getting a manicure, and your earrings and necklaces before a haircut or color. 


Jewelry is not fond of exercise or hard work. We suggest removing your sparkles before hitting the gym, weeding the garden, or painting that cool piece of vintage furniture you found.


our jewels can't swim so it is advisable to keep them out of water even if there is a lifeguard present. This includes the shower and hand-washing too. 


We all want glamorous dreams but it is best to remove your jewels before going to sleep. A fabric lined box away from your windows will give your jewelry the best night’s sleep.