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If it makes you feel beautiful, then do it!

Five Ways to Make Your Birthday Special

“To all those wishes that didn’t come true – make this one day exceedingly yours.”

 - Azura Jewelry

Counting days till your birthday and sending peevish glances at the clock to tick it to 12:00 can be a poignant experience. And when that special day does arrive! A palpable excitement takes over and you want to feel alive, sparkly, and important once more.

As adults, we do forget the joy of birthday due to personal pressure, family, kids, and get wrapped up in our daily life circle but your birthday is a personal “must-do” priority and you should put it all into perspective to give one whole day to yourself. Azura has planned something that might just lit up your eyes with joy. We have pledged to make your birthday special, whether it’s today, tomorrow or whenever! But before we let you into our secret, find out little ways to make yourself feel special at your birthday and with our prize in the end – the momentum will become more touching.


1. Planning Is Not Important – Being Prepared Is

Be a crasher at your own birthday, no need to get into etiquettes or display the world of orderliness in your schedule. Those who remember will come – those who don’t – never mind! Do whatever makes you happy but yeah do get day off from work or at least give one hour to yourself only. Last year, I was completely unaware of my own birthday and only an hour before the end of my work day – realization dawned, which resulted in me calling it a day and spending rest of the day shopping – It was bliss!


2. Buy Yourself a Present

Why wait for people to give you what you want? Instead, hop out and spend a little more generously on yourself. Pampering yourself works like an antidepressant and the happiness lasts all day, so indulge while you can. Birthdays can be great for ticking off things from your wish list and you must make the most of it. However, make sure whatever you are purchasing has a good value that’ll last you a long time.




Our Glitter Raindrop Ring will turn your birthday into a day full of awesome. This lovely ring tempts you to - celebrate how far you have come and all the exciting things still on the way. Believe that you have a bright future ahead. Some women are just born with glitters in their veins.

If you are jumping on the extra-celebratory mile, The Center of the Universe Ring induces you that one star in the entire universe twinkles brightest, and that's you! You are loved beyond measures. Put on your ring as a token to keep smiling and keep shining. 


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3.  Forget Pressure – Invite Self-love

Are you on a tight diet? Is using phone, watching TV, sitting at the laptop the first thing in the morning, your familiar groove? Then stop giving a shot to your daily grind and do something in the morning that is personal, promotes self-love, and puts away pressure for the day. Eat cake instead of your daily “Healthy” goji berry mishmash – trust us these small changes for the day will mark an end to a “Happy” Birthday and Belly!


4. Don’t Get Worked Up Thinking about People

More than usual, people like to spend their birthdays with loved ones and close relations or planning big special parties, outing and dining for the day. Though, don’t make this a Biggie! After all, it’s your day and you get to choose with whom you are going to celebrate with. Ditch your mobile phone or anything that distracts you from spending your birthday with peace. Listen to music, have a snug bath, a long day at the spa, and if you are up to it, Partaay! With your friends - all you like.


“It all starts with ME – don’t block your way.”

 - Azura Jewelry


5. Stop Stressing and Let It Go

You are more than a measurement on a scale. Let the stress subside for one day. You won’t reach a dead end investing in something you like, or spending hours watching Netflix. Your birthday is about making yourself smile, it is your day and you choose to do whatever you like. Forget the hardships, the troubles, and the pain, and make time learning about yourself, think of your birthday as a payback to yourself for all the achievements and successes you’ve earned along the way.


Birthdays are a joyous time. Get out there, celebrate life, but also remember to take time to reflect on milestones and moments that you can't get back. Life is short, so make sure you're living it to its fullest!