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Laurel Grove Moss Agate Moonstone Ring©

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MaterialWhite Gold Vermeil
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Enchant hearts, make a statement and let your inner light shine with our Laurel Grove Moss Agate Moonstone Ring. This fascinating split band ring showcases a pear-shaped moss agate gemstone adorned by round moonstones, shimmering like moonlit dreams. Enhancing this heavenly symphony are dazzling white topaz gemstones, infusing a unique radiance that captivates at every glance. Let its gleaming charm remind you to embrace life's simple joys, nurture your passions, and illuminate the world with your unique brilliance.

✦ Available in both 14K white gold vermeil (14K white gold plated over a sterling silver base) and 10K solid white gold.


Moss Agate (Accent Stone: Moonstone and White Topaz)

Origin: Brazil

Birthstone: May

Meaning: Moss agate, also known as mocha stone, comprises opaque, dark green to rusty orange and cloudy inclusions with branch-like formation that resemble ferns or moss. It was regarded as a stone of good luck in the late 18th century and is still being considered as one lucky stone by farmers and gardeners.

Powers: Moss agate promotes happiness and tranquility. It is thought to boost endurance and aids in emotional imbalances. A magical stone that harmonizes and fosters your connection with the elements of the universe and nature. It encourages self-acceptance and attracts positivity.

*Please be informed that your moss agate patterns are naturally distinct and unique from the portrayed picture, and you will never witness the same pattern in two gems. It is one of a kind with a unique story that only you can tell.


✦ Center Stone: 5x7mm pear Moss Agate
✦ Accent Stone: 3mm round Moonstone, 3x2mm pear White Topaz, 1.2-1.5mm round White Topaz
✦ Band Width: 2mm
✦ Thickness: 1.2mm

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Laurel Grove Moss Agate Moonstone Ring©


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