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AQUAMARINE GEMSTONE: The Magical March Birthstone Jewelry


When it comes to the beauty of colour, the Aquamarine gemstone stands out.

The first thought that the mind evokes is the semblance of the stone to the holy matrimony of a beautiful sky and a tranquil blue sea.

The Romans considered wearing this special gemstone jewelry as a holy symbol associated with Neptune, the god of the sea.

Etymological studies of the gemstone's name reveals the name as the  collaboration of two Latin words; “Aqua” and “Marine” which literally means “water” and “sea.”

If you're born in March or a Pisces, then you can count yourself lucky because the enchanting aquamarine gemstone  is the March birthstone jewelry.

As we delve deeper to learn about the aquamarine stone, it is important to know the historical background of this beautiful March birthstone.


Origin & History

Aquamarine is found in a variety of rock types that contain beryllium. However, it is rare because beryllium only occurs in sufficient amounts in a few places. Beryl crystals are hexagonal, with either a flat or prism-shaped top. Aquamarine crystal hardness is 7.5-8, just below topaz and corundum.

Different generations have attributed various importance and ideologies to wearing aquamarine jewelry.

The origin of the sacredness of the Aquamarine gemstone came from the ancient Roman Empire due to beliefs that the Roman god of the sea, Neptune, made the precious Birthstone out of seawater. The Romans believed in its protection at war and during long voyages.

During the Christian Era, Apostle St Thomas, a disciples of Jesus was identified with this gemstone because he is the saint of Mariners, he made long voyages by sea as far as India and its environs. Some Christians once believed aquamarine jewelry provided safety on the seas, just like their Roman ancestors.

In the Medieval Era, the stone was believed to rejuvenate the love between married couples. Medieval thinkers considered Aquamarine to be the key to winning either in battle or in the courtroom.

In the Middle Ages, diviners often used aquamarines (also known as “the magic mirror”) to foresee the future. It was also cut as a crystal ball and was thought to be a superior stone for fortune telling through its power of revelation.

Elites during this age continued their obsession for the Gemstone and was rumoured to have protected the wearer of the aquamarine necklace and aquamarine ring from death due to poison, which was a prominent cause of death at that time. 

Due to this, many Eastern European rulers purchased an aquamarine ring to wear as a symbol of protection, while other forms of aquamarine jewelry was popular among ruling eastern European families, most notably, the Czech crown jewels.

In 1723, Aquamarine was first discovered far from the sea in Siberia and by the end of the 18th century, there was an influx of the Gemstone sent to Western Europe.

During the 1804 coronation ceremony of Napoleon, the French leader’s ceremonial uniform included cape fasteners embedded with aquamarine jewelry.

In 1910, the largest weighing Aquamarine was found in Brazil. It yielded over 200,000 carats after cutting to several gemstones.

More recently in 2003, Dark blue beryl and Aquamarine were discovered at the True Blue showing in the southern Yukon Territory, Canada.

From the above historical background, we can conclude that the Aquamarine gemstone spans across different generations portraying an ageless precious jewel. 

Healing Beliefs 

If you are a meditator, an aquamarine ring or aquamarine necklace could be the perfect accessory for you because it quiets the mind and facilitates obtaining communication from higher planes, clearing extra thoughts. It invokes a high state of consciousness and spiritual awareness, and encourages dispassionate service to humanity.

Some users have claimed that the Aquamarine gemstone has a calming energy that wards off stress to the barest minimum and acts a safe haven for the mind,

Another set of users also believe that anyone that wears the March birthstone ring or the March birthstone necklace has a clearer understanding to make hasty decisions. In times of intense emotional and physical release, it is believed to also promote comfort and motivates you through this phase.

The positive effect of wearing Aquamarine Gemstone Jewelry cannot be overstated. It encourages reflective relaxation and calmness.

It is also believed to improve communication and rid the wearer of negative emotions of fear and anger, by promoting clearer and calm thoughts.

It is also known for its ability to calm nervous tension as it is naturally calming and soothing. If the spiritual and physical bodies have become misaligned, aquamarine can gently realign them, thereby releasing intuitive communication on all levels. 

Depending on your favored form of use, the aquamarine gemstone is an excellent stone which can make changes in your life, holding you truer to your inner spiritual self, and helping you maintain calmness and enjoy a purified version of your own self-polluting attitude. 

Such is the power of the Aquamarine gemstone.



The Physical Features

If the aquamarine gemstone perfectly fits the bill for your fashion or spiritual needs, you can check out how the  ocean-star-aquamarine-necklace laced with aquamarine can be paired with an elegant evening dress.

The array of aquamarine gemstone available for you to choose from spans from delicate shade of light green-blue to more sizzling sky blue options. Its intense blue color variant is considered a prized asset by jewelry enthusiasts and gemologists. And it could prove an almost impossible task to distract yourself from the light-colored specimens that portray water-like sparkles, perfect for any jewelry style as seen here.

For couples getting engaged, the solitaire gleam aquamarine ring can prove to be the most thoughtful engagement gift as it symbolizes happiness in marriage.

Aquamarine gemstone makes an excellent gift for an anniversary celebration. When you are counting the milestones for the precious years spent together with your better half, let the aquamarine jewelry do the talking for you!



As a durable stone, Aquamarine is also able to withstand the daily wear expected of this type of jewelry.

The stone demands no special care.  And its high grit levels makes it a perfect piece for daily wear.

Aquamarine jewelries are found without any blemishes and they possess high levels of clarity.  

Caring for the gem is simple. Use warm water, mild dish soap and an old toothbrush to scrub behind the birthstone where dirt sits. It is also optional to use ultrasonic cleaners and steam cleaning so far there are no cracks or liquid reserved in them.



Our aquamarine is exclusively heat treated conveying the stone blue colour. The heat treatment is necessary to achieve an impeccably radiating gemstone.

The composition and appearance of heat treated aquamarine and natural aquamarine are the same. Gemstones that are heat treated from us are derived from the earth’s natural deposits.

You can shop March Collection such as  solitaire gleam aquamarine ring a dainty ring for that special person.

Perfect beauty for you is our ocean star aquamarine necklace to bring sparkle to your day.

You can begin your journey to forever with our Aquamarine engagement ring, aqua ocean ring, and walk the aisle with that special person.

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 Its dainty nature evokes royalty, confidence and class.


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