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How To Keep Your Breasts Healthy? Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The previous year, we emphasized the importance of managing weight, shunning from bad habits and maintaining a healthy diet in our 5 Ways to Decrease the Risk of Developing Breast Cancer. However, today’s tips are almost the continuation of the above-mentioned post. There are some other effective methods as well which can save you from the claws of breast cancer and it all starts with having a happy mantra! Follow the steps below to lead a safe and sound life.  



Believe in Positivity




Breast Cancer is not something to be embarrassed about and most importantly nothing to bring down your high hopes for. Believing in body positivity is one of the first steps you can take to have a strong foothold. Don’t take your condition as your illness, don’t lose hope and don’t sag your shoulders at the possibility that you cannot live for long. Stress is the first and foremost cause of worsening your situation, so simply don’t let depression and aggression take the better of you.  

  • Use your body as a means of cure
  • Indulge in happy habits
  • Enjoy the little things
  • Look for things that bring you optimism
  • Take deep breaths
  • Watch something for a good laugh
  • Cope pressure by loving your body and having faith in yourself.


Get Your Z’s Complete




Sleep deprived body can easily lead to a depreciated life! How? Apart from the unmistakable sluggishness and poor productivity, you can increase the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity, not to mention breast cancer as well. Staying up late for long bares you to light at night largely which subdues your melatonin levels which according to research helps to control the estrogen. Say “No More” to staying up late and get your zizz for seven to eight hours complete!



Dig Into Some Chocolate




What’s better than to indulge in some chocolate for a cause? Well, researchers have found out that dark chocolate might tackle rapidly-growing cancers. Chocolate cancels those enzymes which cause cancerous cells, leaving normal cells unharmed. And you know what? We might even see chocolate being incorporated in some cancer treatments in the future. Pop in some chocolate into your mouth and enjoy the delicacy while it lasts!



Get Your Timely Screenings




It’s better to treat cancer in its early stages than last because you have major chances of making through it successfully. Here’s when to start getting yourself examined.

The twenties: Get yourself checked once every three years. The clinical breast exam can be carried out by your obstetrician on your regular appointment and might play an insignificant role in spotting breast cancer symptoms but for your own ease, it’s okay to have them. These tests can at least figure out the monthly changing pattern of how your breasts look and feel. The ideal time to get these exams is before or after the period when your breasts are not tumid or sensitive.

The thirties: Continue the process of once every three years! Discuss with your physician when to start getting MRIs or mammograms, particularly if you share a family history of breast cancer. She might want you to start as soon as possible. Also, explain to her who developed breast cancer in your family, especially if it concerns your own parents or siblings and tell them at which age they had the symptoms.

The forties and Beyond: At this stage, clinical breast exam and MRIs should be taken yearly. If you haven’t yet, discuss your lifestyle and risks with your doctor as they might be able to settle up the perfect schedule for you.


Eat Dark Grapes




Researchers believe that the skin of grapes has anti-cancer elements, while this study might not be stamped with an official agreement, however the antioxidant resveratrol found in grapes may help shield your cells against damage caused by cancer. So, either grab a sugarless grape juice or eat fresh dark grapes from time to time.


Our Message On Donation




Donating to this worthy cause is not only going to educate those millions of women who are unaware of what their bodies are going through but will help us to fight to end breast cancer. 15% of our October sales profit will be donated to Breast Cancer Awareness Program. We all should unite and give in to this program as much as we can, whether you’re donating in the memory of losing your loved one to breast cancer or have taken it upon yourself to save lives. Also, not to forget to celebrate women this Pink October who’ve struggled and survived through this nightmare. Each penny helps!


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