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Layer It Like Gigi - How-to Guide!

From her angelic face to her remarkable fashion sense, Gigi Hadid, model of the moment is the figure you need to follow right now. Her style aesthetic is everything and the way she’s been currently layering her jewelry is totes genius. Something you can work into your daily makeover routine effortlessly and can carry that over to a night party without any inhibitions. And no, it’s not expensive - it’s common sense used in the right direction! Before beginning, you should learn to stack necklaces first, in order to discover the general info about layering.



What’s her Secret?



Everybody has something to share and give away, right? Well, Gigi translates her secret very easily through her clothes. She likes to work with highs and lows, difficult much? She takes something heavy and pairs it with something tiny and light to balance out her look. You might have spotted her wearing an overcoat combined with the most skin-tight leggings or leather pants ever seen.



Similarly, she follows cohesion in her jewelry philosophy, beginning from differing lengths and keeping one choker as the main focus of her getup. It’s almost simple to say, but is it that easy to get? The Trademark Gigi Style? Yes, absolutely! Follow our jewelry style guide below and you’ll have your own à la Gigi" look ready.


Focus On The Statement



We told you already, Gigi saves all the attention for her choker alone. She is a choker lover, It’s the statement and the priority of her look, no matter how delicate the item itself is. To find that central piece, our Seven Black Diamond Choker will suffice brilliantly and it leaves room for extra adornment as well.


Breathe Modesty



What’s a cake without some fluff? Yes, it’s time for sprinkles, all about sugar, spice and everything will be nice. But you need to keep it minimal, too much would distract the eye from the choker and too less will be “Meh”. Add the coatings with the Golden Crescent Moon Necklace, this dangling beauty will add those soulful touches. Both these combined till now will be a promise of a beautiful beginning, subtle, minimal and untouched.



Lasting Touches



Gigi usually tackles boho-chic with minimal, her manner of jewelry styling is never heavy and even when she does go heavy, she captures the show with a single statement piece. Sometimes, instead of going for different necklaces for layering, she goes for the same necklace in differing lengths - that’s one brilliant idea for stacking your necklaces fuss-free. However, she also goes by thin and light with her technique. In your case, pair this duo with Black Diamond Baguette Bar Necklace as the capper to your overall semblance.



Our Message


We hope you learned the art of layering like Gigi - it’s all about being careful and tasteful in your jewelry decisions. Take this guide step-by-step and have your Gigi-esque style without wasting a while. To read similar content, subscribe to our newsletter for weekly updates.




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