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June Birthstones - Let’s Talk About Pearl & Moonstone!

June Birthstones - Let’s Talk About Pearl & Moonstone!

Birthstones are a huge fave among people, particularly for gifting purposes. It allows you to define your personality, to be closer to your nature and gives a sense of belonging. Each owner of the birthstone holds it dear to his/her heart because birthstones are a lot more than what they seem.


Today, we’ll discuss why Pearl & Moonstone are the gemstones of the month of June and why people have started to show immense interest in birthstones


The Importance Of Birthstones



Birthstones date back to ancient times when gemstones were highly seen as objects of luck, desire, protection and prosperity. But back then, few could distinguish between them as now we could differentiate between their names, colors, and properties.

Today, each gemstone is associated with a birth month, some months are linked to even two or three birthstones. For example, June is associated with Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone but we’d only discuss two of them with you.

Often, birthstones are given as gifts on birthdays due to their beauty and significance. You certainly don’t have to wear them on those specific months, instead these could be worn all year long due to their uniqueness and as a memoir of sorts.


The Beauty Of Pearls



No doubt, pearls are underrated as many consider them to be too grandma-ish or dedicated to formal occasions alone. However, these misconceptions are just wrong opinions about something that’s so beautiful and could be worn anywhere you like - yes we’re talking about Pearls.

Pearls have evolved, there are many varieties in the market that would just take your breath away and certainly don’t fall under the category of “reserved for oldies.” Pearls are now artfully being included in earrings, studs, rings, necklaces, anklets, bracelets and so on. Plus, the recent pearl jewelry collections are irresistible.

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The Beauty Of Moonstone



Moonstone, known for its moon-like iridescence with a name that captivates the buyer as much as the hearer. It is a true gemstone associated with tranquility, feminism and one that balances the yin and yang..

This gemstones features an opalescent array of blue, purple, gold, grey, white, green or pink running through and majority is found in India and Sri Lanka. With the United States, Brazil, and Australia also included in the names of some of the providers of this gemstone.

Moonstone releases healing energy that soothes the wearer of this stone and gives them a more enlightened state of being. It is particularly significant for women as it brings about the message of true woman power and encourages them to love and believe in oneself

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