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5 Hacks To Make Boring Outfits Cuter

5 Hacks To Make Boring Outfits Cuter

Just like bad hair days, there are unlucky outfit days as well when you try everything from your closet to have it look completely ridiculous each time! Fret not! We have 5 genius hacks to inspire you to make your outfits look massively less “un-boring” and we’re sure there might be something lying around in your closet to make boring outfits cute from anything you wear today, tomorrow, and every day!




Gold Hoop Earrings


Nothing quite lifts up the look of boring outfits, be it casual t-shirt and denim like a pair of gold hoop earrings. These add some spunk to your gear, draw attention away purposely from your attire and keep you looking trendy at the same time. A quick go-to hack to spice up a boring outfit! Color coordinating your jewelry with your outfit might help too.





A White Button-Down Shirt


If everything goes fail, a white button-down shirt is your best bet. It’s the perfect staple to accessorize the way you like, either tuck it in your jeans, knot it to show some skin or pair it with some skinnies, you’ll never go wrong with this. A stylish statement in itself with a touch of cool-sexiness, who doesn’t want it?

Yes, there’s something elegant about whites you simply cannot ignore!





Scarf It


Come, Winter or Summer, scarves never disappoint you. From pastels to powerful prints, they’re going to make you stand out whether you tie them around your neck or substitute for a bandana! We’d especially recommend bold colors and prints for simple outfits to instantly add personality to your so-called boring outfits.

Never be afraid of some pop of color because life’s too short to be boring!




Long Necklaces


We’ll say it again and again, layering your necklaces is going to up your game like nobody’s business! Either you can layer-it like queen Gigi or learn how to stack necklaces for starters!


You see, you might not have the closet of a celebrity but some tiny tweaks can do major magic to undo any boring outfits every single day of your life. Check out our bestseller Crescent Dual Tone Necklace or Golden Crescent Moon Necklace to layer with some meaning. Ideal from work to party and back again!




Belt It


When your clothing style turns out to be frumpy, you need to belt it for that sleek cinched effect. We personally like belting a scarf because it serves a truly pulled-together look when you wish to look your trim best! If you ever feel you’re looking extra bulky, belt your layers in! And you’ll end up being slim and smart just like you are!


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There’s nothing wrong in using creative ways to transform your “not so chic” wardrobe into something that makes heads turn! It’s all about taking sensible decisions and making unique choices! Subscribe to our newsletter for unlimited cool content!