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  • The Low-down On Gold Vermeil, 10K & 14K Gold! Who’s Better?

    A very common question that we get asked a lot of times. For us, the answers are normal, we know them, but for you, the consumers, well, they easily get confused. However, today we’ll break down to you what these terms mean and how knowing them would simplify your jewelry shopping process and ... View Post
  • June Birthstones - Let’s Talk About Pearl & Moonstone!

    Birthstones are a huge fave among people, particularly for gifting purposes. It allows you to define your personality, to be closer to your nature and gives a sense of belonging. Each owner of the birthstone holds it dear to his/her heart because birthstones are a lot more than what they seem... View Post
  • 5 Tips For Buying Quality Jewelry

    If you've ever wondered how to spot a fake gem from a real one or how to know whether you're buying good-quality jewelry, as a heads-up, before you shell out on a piece of jewelry, only to know it's not worth it? You've landed at the right place!   You might think buying jewelry is easy, it m... View Post