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  • Pearl is Forever on Trend

    About Pearls We all know that pearl is the only gemstone came from a living thing mollusk a group of see shell creature. Pearls can be characterized by their color, by its translucent or shapes. The more the perfect the shape or transparent, the pearl was, the higher its value. Every time we hear... View Post
  • Aquamarine Reveals The True Nature Of Your Partner - The Birthstone Of March!

    Aquamarine is the birthstone of March, thus becoming the lucky stone of ‘Pisces,’ which is a water sign, and has some parts of the Astrological sign ‘Aries’ under its wing as well.  Aquamarine gemstone jewelry is absolutely gorgeous!. It’s known for its calming powers and has a rich historical ba... View Post
  • Amethysts Are One Of The Most Popular Healing Stones - Meaning And Powers Explained!

    Amethyst, the February birthstone for the zodiac sign Pisces and also the gemstone of 6th marriage anniversary holds great value in history. It is not only a cherished gemstone but also thought to possess a good many healing, spiritual, and physical powers that one can make use of by owning A... View Post