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  • Opal - The Birthstone Of October

    A girl can never have too many jewels, right? Well, in your case Opal should be in your next priority list. A truly diverse stone with its magical depths of brilliance that flashes brightly with the slightest of movements. Opal is a complete attention-grabber and definitely not in a bad way. ... View Post
  • Meaning, Powers And The Rich Significance of Sapphire

    Sapphire, a gorgeous gemstone that makes conversation cease and hearts leap harbors rich history, amazing healing powers, and meaningful mantras that can set your life at ease. We might be nice rhymers at best but this jewel deserves all the stardom. Known as the “stone of wisdom” it rephras... View Post
  • Pearls - Meaning, Identity, Power & Benefits

      Pearl, a divine gem that speaks of fragility and at the same time, combines powerful strength. An only stone that doesn’t come straight from the earth but grows inside mollusks (oysters, mussels, clams and such) which can be discovered under fresh and salt water. When irritants like a small ... View Post