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  • Pearl is Forever on Trend

    About Pearls We all know that pearl is the only gemstone came from a living thing mollusk a group of see shell creature. Pearls can be characterized by their color, by its translucent or shapes. The more the perfect the shape or transparent, the pearl was, the higher its value. Every time we hear... View Post
  • The Biggest & Best Jewelry Trends of 2019

    We don’t know about you but new trends put us in a moment of frenzy for real since it’s something to look forward to year by year. And follow what goes well with your fancy! Despite the dainty “everyday” jewelry craze gracing our Instagram feeds in 2018, 2019 is much more about making a state... View Post
  • Layer It Like Gigi - How-to Guide!

    From her angelic face to her remarkable fashion sense, Gigi Hadid, model of the moment is the figure you need to follow right now. Her style aesthetic is everything and the way she’s been currently layering her jewelry is totes genius. Something you can work into your daily makeover routine e... View Post