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  • Here’s How To Spend Your New Year!

    Well, we all know the drill, don’t we? December’s our favorite month of the year, given the month-long Christmas festivities topped with the New Year Celebrations. That sounds like a mouthful and something that heightens our excitement by each passing second, minute, hour and day. This calls ... View Post
  • If You Ever Feel Like Giving Up Do This Instead

    The article is from Sabina Hitchen, the founder of Sabina has years of experience and success in teaching entrepreneurs how to get publicity through strategy, support and motivation.   Good Day!   Oh, the life of a maker, creator, entrepreneur, small biz owner, passion-seeker... View Post
  • Mind Your Illness - It’s Mental Health Awareness Week!

    It’s easy to get distracted by couples who seem like they’ve been bountifully blessed with love all their lives, models who appear like a day has never gone by when they didn’t look this flawless or simply travelers who are living their best lives journeying around the world.     To be hones... View Post